Circus Mighetto, Blå/grå


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... Come one, come all – the circus is in town! This is a world full of epic experiences, unparalleled magic and dreamlike backdrops. Meet the elephant with bumps on his back that turned into magical wings. Meet the little lion that grew a magnificent, flowing mane, with lots of shiny, golden hair that billowed in the wind. And what is the story of the flying carnival? Nobody lives in the flying tent in the clouds. At least that’s what people say. At night, the tent sparkles and shines and sometimes it seems as though the sky and the tent are speaking their very own language. No one knows how to control the flying tent, nor what it’s purpose is, but rumour has it that all the magic in the circus originates from it…

Colour: Blue Grey
Length: 10,05 m
Width: 53 cm
Vertical Repeat: 53 cm halfdrop
Quality: Non woven
Made in Sweden

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